About us

Welcome to our Domaine de Lascaux – Guesthouses – Club. Located at the top of the Hill of Lascaux, it offers a dominant view of the village of Montignac and is 100m from the famous cave of Lascaux.

Of French and Russian origin, our family has lived 8 fabulous years and rich experience in Singapore. The 5 SGs (Stephane and Svetlana Gohé and 3 young children named S.Gohé) decided to change their lives completely. Stéphane made the decision to give up his career in an American Bank to get closer to his family, to get closer to our parents and to spend more time with our children. Svetlana, working from home, had the opportunity to discover a new lifestyle with children in Singapore. Rich in this experience, we took the risk of bringing our bit of madness back into the calm of the French countryside. We dreamed of finding an ideal place for our family, close to nature and away from smoke, congested sidewalks and shopping malls.

In February 2016, we found pictures of a beautiful property for sale in Dordogne, an area in which we had no landmarks. It was a former Hotel-Restaurant Le Bellevue, an idyllic place with a rich family history and directly linked to the Cave of Lascaux. We fell in love with the Domain but as we did not have the opportunity to come and visit on site, we blindly followed the advice of the real estate agent as well as his photos and videos. Then it was time to decide whether we were launching our family project or not. Having 2 young girls and a baby boy, we still decided to get started, give up our permanent resident status in Singapore and start our Great Family Adventure. The big departure of the Family of 5 SGs of SG took place in June.

Since July 4, 2016, we have become proud owners. On July 9, 2016, the former Hotel-Restaurant Le Bellevue was officially renamed the Domaine de Lascaux.

At the moment, the Domaine de Lascaux includes 5 spacious rooms (guest rooms) and a beautiful veranda that offers a superb view of the Vezère Valley.

We are still at the beginning of our family project but we are already ready to invite you to spend an unforgettable time on our terrace. Sit back, relax and admire the view of the Vezère and the Chateau de Montignac.

Take the opportunity to spend a night or a week in one of our rooms. Leave your luggage in the room and visit the Cave of Lascaux located 3 minutes walk or even take the trail down to Montignac

The best way to end your day at domaine de Lascaux is to waste a moment in the garden contemplating the beautiful sunset that changes the color of Valley of the Rose from pink to the pure color of gold. Even if you have had a very trying day, we promise that after this moment, you will feel relaxed and refreshed, a sweet feeling of being in paradise!