The truffle : a passion and earth story !

“ This mushroom is known for its aphrodisiac effects and was named « lighting's daughter » by the Romans who liked its taste. Named by the Catholicisme Church  « The Demon mushroom » used by the witches, the truffle disappeared from the cooked book in the Middle Age and reappeared in the 14th Century.

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How to own a truffle Oak? -

The Truffle is surely the mushroom the most appreciated, the rarest, the most expensive and for sure the most mysterious. The word Truffle is coming from the Latin tuber which means Le mot truffe est issu du latin vulgaire tufera, lui-même issu du latin classique tuber, excrescence. we have counted 32 species of Truffle in Europe but only 6 of them can be eaten. Here are the 3 truffles that you can find in Perigord : 

1. TUBER MELANOSPORUM, known as Black Truffle or the Périgord Truffle. It is the queen of the truffles ! There is no question on that ! Its taste is pepper, nust, musc and wood. However, every truffles are different. Its maturity period is between December and March.

2. TUBER BRUMALE, known as Winter Black Truffle. Its characteristics are garlic, strong pepper, fermented fruits. It grows in the same area than the Tuber Melanosporum and can easily be confused with. You can harvest it at the same period. The big difference is when you cut it, it is not black but brun. Smaller size.

3. TUBER AESTIVUM, known as the White Summer Truffle. Its maturity period is from May to September. This truffle is dark outside but white-grey inside. Its parfum is light and much less stronger than the back truffle, that's why its price is 5 times less...