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Domaine de Lascaux

Welcome to our newly opened Domaine de Lascaux – Chambres d’hôte (B&B), Club style loge – situated on the top of the Hill of Lascaux, approximately 200m above Montignac village and 100m away from the famous and World Heritage protected caves of Lascaux. These caves are of great importance due to their prehistoric art. The hunting scenes show some 100 animal figures which are remarkable for their detail, rich colours and lifelike quality.

Originally from France and Russia our family spent almost eight years in Singapore. It is a vibrant city with a large International community and we embraced the challenges and the complexities of this fascinating city. However, as a family we made a life changing decision to change direction completely and return to France.   Our family of five SG (Stephane and Svetlana Gohe and three young children named S. Gohe) were ready for this new part of our lives to begin.

I (Stephane) decided to abandon my promising career in an American bank, in order to spend more quality time with the children and change the work life balance for the better. Another reason to leave Singapore was to live closer to our parents. Svetlana, as a stay at home mother, had had the opportunity to experience this from the point of view of an ex-pat in Singapore. Now new opportunities are opening up and the experiences gained during the eight years abroad, have brought a new perspective and an openness to learn and be challenged. We decided to bring these rich experiences and our enthusiasm, to rural France, a world away from the intensity of Singapore. We were dreaming of finding an ideal place for our family, close to nature and away from the daily hustle and bustle of crowded streets, shopping malls and bars.

It was merely six months ago that we saw pictures of a beautiful property for sale in Dordogne, a region that was unknown to us.  It was an ancient Hotel & Restaurant Le Bellevue, in an idyllic place with a very rich family history and directly linked to the history of the Caves of Lascaux. We fell in love with the property, but as we had no opportunity to come and visit it, we had to fully trust the landlord’s real estate agent and his detailed photos and videos of the property. Then it was time to decide whether we launch our family project in this unique property, or not. Having two young daughters and a baby son we decided to have a try and we subsequently renounced our Singapore Permanent Residency and started on our BIG family adventure. It was a dramatic change for a family of 5, both nerve wracking and exciting.

 From July 4th 2016 we became the proud owners of this most beautiful property in Montignac-Lascaux. From July 9th 2016 the ancient Hotel & Restaurant Le Bellevue is now officially called Domaine de Lascaux.

At the moment, Domaine de Lascaux consists of five spacious guest rooms (chambres d’hôte) and a beautiful veranda and garden which makes part of our Restaurant & Bar, with a panoramic view of  the Valley of the Vezere River.

The big project of the countryside family club of Domaine de Lascaux is under development and we hope to move towards its completion, gradually.

We are still at the very beginning of our family project, but we are ready to invite you to spend an unforgettable time in our Wine bar, enjoying a glass of a good wine or soft and hot drinks, not forgetting traditional home-made terrines and foie gras, cold cuts and cheese plates. Take a seat, sip and admire the most beautiful panoramic view of the Valley of the Vezere River, with its small villages and castles.

Take an opportunity to spend a night or a week in our spacious guest rooms. Leave your bags in your room and   visit the Caves of Lascaux, located 5 minutes’ walk from Domaine de Lascaux or go down the walkers’ path to Montignac village.

In the afternoon, the Wine & Tapas Bar of Domaine de Lascaux invites you to enjoy tea-time with a good selection of coffees and teas and tasty pastries. In the late afternoon, you may enjoy some famous French wines and other traditional French aperitifs.

If you stay in our guest rooms, you may make a reservation for dinner in the best French traditional style of ‘Table d’hôte’. Table d’hôte is a dinner served on a big family table in a cozy family atmosphere. It offers you an opportunity to not only taste traditional, local or family food (in our case French, Russian, Ukrainian and Asian dishes) but also to become more acquainted with our family and other guests, who come from all over the world.

The best way to finish your day in our Domaine de Lascaux is to spend a moment in the garden contemplating a magical sunset that makes the whole Valley of the Vezere River glow in magnificent, pinks, oranges, reds and golds. Even if you have spent a very busy day sightseeing and are perhaps tired from your excursions, we promise you that while watching this breath-taking sunset you will feel relaxed, you will forget all the trials and tribulations of daily life and believe that you are in paradise.